A delegation from the Defence Industries Corporation of Nigeria (DICON) paid a courtesy visit to the National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI) on 8 February  2024.

The team from DICON, led by the Director General (DG) Major General AE Edet, was received by the Executive Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer NASENI and his team.

Major General AE Edet, while stating the purpose of the visit, said DICON and NASENI have over the years engaged in cross cutting interactions, but this visit is to explore areas of collaboration between agencies of the government saddled with the responsibility of developing the nation’s military industrial capacities.

He said that with the establishment of DICON in 1964, the country ought to be self-sufficient in terms of defence requirements of various security agencies in the country. He said that with the collaboration between NASENI and DICON, the desired end state of establishing both institutions will be achieved as they become active partners in the national military industrial complex.

The DG, Major General AE Edet, said areas of collaboration between NASENI and DICON will not only stop at research and development level but will also cover various stages in assembling and manufacturing, amongst others.

Major General Edet further alluded to the fact that NASENI is at the forefront of indigenous engineering infrastructure and production as seen in the gadgets and products it has showcased.

Major General Edet further affirmed that DICON would want to partner with NASENI in areas of production, manufacturing, and capacity development to achieve robust results for the nation.

He assured NASENI of Utmost Corporation.

In response the EVC/CEO Mr Khalil Suleiman Halilu said the purpose of the visit was clear and precise and said DICON is one of the major stakeholders of security in the nation that NASENI looks forward to engaging.

He said DICON and NASENI share similar visions, some of which are security, local production, and increase of exports.

Furthermore, he added that defence is now a blend of business, engineering and security. It was agreed that a joint team from both agencies would be set up to look at various areas of collaboration to complement the partnership towards conserving resources while ending duplication of efforts.

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