A Research and Development Centre (R&DC) has been established and a lot of development work is being undertaken. The 81mm Mortar and RPG7 were developed by the centre using local raw material and prototypes were produced and successfully tested. More prototypes of these weapons are being looked into to contract out some R & D work to Universities, Companies and individuals. New projects have been planned and are waiting funding and execution.

Special Vehicles Plant (SVP) Project
On 22nd January 1979 the Federal Government signed an agreement with Steyr Daimler Puch AG (Defence Division) of Austria. The agreement provides for the construction of Factory Building in Bauchi complete with all utilities, roads, rails and furniture for the production of Armoured Personnel carriers (APC).

The Factory was designed to assemble in 8 hours days shift the following, 300 units/yr 2 axles (4×4) Pinzgauer, 1 ton payload, 200 units/yrs 3 axles (6x) Pinzgauer; 1.5 ton payload, 140 units/yr Armoured Personnel Carriers; 45 unit/yr Command vehicles (APC); 10 units/yr Motor Carriers (ACP) and 5 units/yr Ambulances (APC). Factory buildings, Utilities, Roads, workshop equipment have all been completed and commissioned since 1982.

The SVP buildings are currently being utilized by the Nigerian Army for the maintenance and rehabilitation of Armoured fighting vehicles and Armoured Personnel Carriers under a contractual arrangement. Hopefully when the contract is completed the Factory would be handed back to DICON.