Major General Ogunkale

"To Transform DICON for Maximum Output Towards National Defence and Enterprise, I pledge to Catalyse all Directorates and Units through Target-driven Endeavours, Improved Welfare and Focused Leadership."

- Major General BO Ogunkale DSS psc fndu MSc MNSE FNMS MNImechE Ceng

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The Defence Industries Corporation of Nigeria was established by an Act of Parliament in 1964. Consequently a West German manufacturing firm Fritz Werner was assigned the task of providing technical expertise and set up the Ordnance Factory in Kaduna .

The first Technical Partner of the Defence Industries Corporation of Nigeria (DICON) was Fritz Werner of Western Germany. FW designed and built the Kaduna Ordnance Factories in 1964 with the following production capacities...

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"I have no doubt about DICON performing beyond expectation" - Perm. Sec, MOD


Defence Industries Corporation (DICON) was primarily established to produce small Arms and Ammunition for the use of the Nigerian Army and other Security agencies.

The Corporation also uses its excess capacity to produce machinery spare parts for industries and other products for civilian use.


Military Products

Rifles, side arms, general-purpose machine guns, pump action shells, high-calibre rounds, mortars etc are among DICON's range of military products.



Civilian Products

Cast Iron components, machine spare parts, single-barrel shotgun, ballot boxes, windmills etc are DICON products with civilian applications.



Nigachem Nigeria Ltd
Nigeria Machine Tools

The Defence Industries Corporation of Nigeria has struck some partnerships with manufacturers, raw material companies, research institutes and relevant bodies for the actualisation of shared aspirations.

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