DICON’s participation in the ongoing NAF 60th anniversary R&D exhibition at the International Conference Center, Abuja marks a significant opportunity for showcasing its products, advancements and contributions in the Defence sector. The visit of the Minister of Defence, Chief of Defence Staff, serving chiefs (CAS,CNS,& Rep of the COAS), as well as other dignitaries to the DICON stand showed a significant level of appreciation for the efforts and achievements of DICON in the defense sector using local content.

During the event, the Director-General of DICON made a presentation on “DICON’s Insight,” focusing on crucial aspects such as the domestication of innovation, the evolution of the military-industrial complex, the implications of DICON’s Act, reflections on DICON’s 60 years of existence, and insights into DICON’s future.

Elaborating on these key points, the DG shed light on the Corporation’s commitment to fostering collaboration and  innovation within a domestic context, adapting to the changing landscape of the military-industrial sector, understanding the implications of existing regulations on DICON’s operations, and outlining strategic directions for DICON’s growth and relevance.

The Corporation’s presence and the DG’s presentation at the exhibition not only highlighted DICON’s achievements but also highlighted efforts that are being made towards innovation and strategic foresight in defense and security requirements.

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