Work in progress at Primer Cap Factory in line with DG’s Vision

The Director General, Defence Industries Corporation of Nigeria (DICON), Maj Gen Bamidele Ogunkale has expressed satisfaction with the construction work going on at proposed Primer Cap Factory building at Kachia, slated in year 2016 budget to meet ever increased demands for 7.62mmx39mm special ammunition.

He made the expression when he went with his management team to the site, stressing that there was need to carry the management team along in line with his principle of team spirit premised on open door policy.

The DG further stressed that the visit of the Directors of various Directorates in DICON to the site where massive construction work was currently going on would place them at vantage position to educate their subordinates down the ladder of progress of positive change in DICON, adding that the mental picture they would conjure through his narratives without visiting the site with him would no doubt differ from person to person and message passed from such could be distorted.

“Now you have visited the construction site at Kachia with me you will be in better position to carry the right message to the right people on need to know basis without the message being subversively distorted”.

Gen Ogunkale also disclosed that he had painstakingly categorized his approaches aimed at repositioning DICON to greater height into two, which according to him were: foundational approach and welfare approach.

He noted that owing to DICON’s collaborative efforts with industrialists and manufacturers of defence related items, both at the domestic and international levels, have no doubt been yielding good dividend since he assumed office, some of which necessitated reconstruction of the dilapidated road leading to the Directorate of Research And Development ready for commissioning soon.

The DG noted that the impression our would be partners have about the Corporation would go a long way to dictate the spate and progress of their collaboration, adding that with what are currently put in place both at the Corporation’s Headquarters and the Ordnance Factories in Kakuri, from the little fund the Corporation have been able to access, those trying to partner with DICON would know they were serious minded people.

On the DGs foundational approach the old, dilapidated and moribund filling station is currently being rebuilt aimed at meeting the needs of all DICON staff irrespective of their status. According to the DG as soon as the filling station is commissioned both PMS and kerosene would be sold there at subsidized price.

The DICON boss also said that he also deliberately took the Directors to ordnance factories Kakuri to see the new 1000KVA transformers installed to replace the old ones which he also classified as part of his foundational approach, stressing that with new transformers in place the production lines are a hundred percent ready for any assignment from the Federal Government or the Armed Forces.

The DG further stated that he would be visiting the Primer Cap Factory site from time to time with his team to push the Contractors to meet the dead line and also to ensure right materials are used they were also expected to follow due process in line with the Federal Government procurement policy.

“in the military, the ground dictates the approach, before the current administration of President Muhammadu Buhari, it would be needless effort installing new transformers for our production lines, but having read the Commander-in-Chief’s body language as well as his expression about DICON, I work in line with his policy thrust for the moment”.

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