DG Curriculum Vitae

Major General BO Ogunkale DSS psc fndu MSc MNSE FNMS MNImechE CEng

Military Courses Attended

The General has attended 11 courses cutting across the tactical, engineering and the strategic spheres. In summary General Ogunkale had five (C+) grading, and five (B) grading in 10 different Military Courses. He also had a (B+) grading in his National Defence Course which he attended in National Defence University Islamabad Pakistan. Major General BO Ogunkale was the best all round Anglophone student in his Senior Staff Course (Mali/France) and the best all round student in his Senior Engineer Officers Course.

Educational Qualifications

Major General Ogunkale has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Lagos State University (LASU), a Master’s degree in Production Engineering from University of Agriculture Makurdi and another Master’s degree in Defence and Strategic Studies from the National Defence University Islamabad, Pakistan. The senior officer also has two Diploma Certificates in French language and a Certificate from Pearson Peace Keeping Institute. Additionally, He was awarded with a Honorary Doctorate Degree in Management from Common Wealth University, Beliza, London UK.

Appointments Held
General Ogunkale has held several appointments commensurate to his rank. Notable amongst which are;

  • Engineer Rep. Nigerian Army School of Artillery.
  • French Interpreter at EX EAGLE RINGS I and II.
  • Commanding Officer 24 Support Engineer Regiment.
  • Registrar, Institute of Technology and Environmental Studies NASME Makurdi.
  • Deputy Director Combat – Department of Army Standard Evaluation.
  • Commander, 43 Division Engineers, Jos.
  • Director of Army Work, Headquarters, Nigerian Army Engineers, Lagos.
  • Commandant, Nigerian Army School of Military Engineering, Makurdi, Benue State.

Major General Ogunkale was the OC of the 7 Nigerian ECOMOG Brigade, Field Engineer Squadron that Captured the St Johns Bridge which was prepared for reserved demolition during the ECOMOG operation in Liberia in 1993. He also Captured alive the Colonel that was to blow up the demolition.

He is presently the Director General of the Defence Industries Cooperation of Nigeria (DICON). While in DICON he has pioneered research into the production of Mobile Solar Power Generator Set (MSPG).

Languages Spoken

Major General Ogunkale speaks English, French, Yoruba and Hausa fluently. He however has flare for learning languages. He can also converse minimally in Igbo, Tiv, Idoma, Liberian English and Urdu which he learnt while in Pakistan.

Workshops & Seminars Attended

The workshops/seminars attended include;

  • Disaster management workshop.
  • Democracy Conflict Management and Rule of Law.
  • Security Awareness workshop.
  • Peace Keeping Workshop.

Personal Impact Projects

Major General BO Ogunkale has undertaken several projects to impact his immediate environment. Some of these projects include:

  • Establishment of NAOWA Love Garden in 43 DE, Jos.
  • Rehabilitation of NAOWA Centre in 43 DE, Jos.
  • Remodelling of Sappers Hall in 43 DE, Jos.
  • Remodelling of NASME Headquarters Complex.
  • Transformation Lectures for Youths.
  • Construction/Donation of Culvert to Orozo Community, Abuja.
  • Construction of Culvert in Kurudu Phase 4 Post Housing Barracks Abuja.
  • Donation of Books/Journals to Nigerian Army Institute of Technology and Environmental Studies (NAITES).
  • Donation of Computers and accessories to Command Day Secondary School NASME Barracks, Makurdi.

Research Works
Major General Ogunkale recently concluded a research on Bio Diesel production using Jatropha caucus and Yellow Orleanda as feedstock. He intends in the near future to see how the NA vehicles and equipment can be powered by Bio Diesel renewable energy source which is cheaper and environmentally friendly.

General Ogunkale equally diversified his research by venturing into the design of Integrated Reinforced Obstacle Belt (IROB) and Electronic Jammers for the Nigerian Army (NA).

Marital Status & Hobbies
Major General Ogunkale is happily married to Mrs Kikelomo Aramide, an Architect by profession and their union is blessed with 2 children, Oluwatamilore and Oluwadamilola.

General Ogunkale is a man of humour whose hobbies include; Analytical thinking, Playing Chess, Table Tennis and Volley Ball, Watching nature and listening to music.

Defence Industries Corporation of Nigeria

"I have no doubt about DICON performing beyond expectation" - Perm. Sec, MOD