DICON Ordnance Factories Complex located in Kakuri, Kaduna South is the production nerve centre of the corporation. It is comprised of ORDFAC’s A, B, C & D; a tools workshop, training school and other workshops rendering support services. It is currently headed by an air commodore from the Nigerian Air Force, who is under the direct supervision of the Director General at the DICON headquarters.


DICON has achieved an unprecedented feat in the engineering field. The achievements can be traced to 2004 when DICON successfully produced prototype medium range weapons namely 60mm mortar, 81mm mortar and the RPG-7. The weapons were successfully test fired at the Kachia range with the former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo in attendance.

The Corporation has produced locally an assault rifle similar to AK 47, and is awaiting a new production line for the rifle. Apart from the aforementioned ongoing activities at DICON, the Corporation has also enhanced its production capabilities in other areas such as local production of ceremonial swords which hitherto were imported. It should be mentioned that the military ceremonial swords used at the NDA passing out parade on 28th September 2007 were all produced in DICON.

The Corporation has also successfully completed the production of Army Field Kitchen. The project was undertaken using 100% local content. The Nigerian Army placed an order for the manufacture 10 field kitchens following an inspection visit by a team led by the Chief of Defence, Research and Development. In essence, DICON now possesses the capacity to sustain production with little or no external inputs.

Current Effort

DICON has successfully established a new production line for the manufacture of 7.62mm x 39 ammunition which is the preferred ammunition by the Security Services. This informed the Corporation’s current effort to develop and mass produce a Nigerian version of AK47, which uses the same 7.62mm x 39mm ammo.