DICON excels at NADCEL 2016

The Defence Industries Corporation of Nigeria’s exhibition stand, like a magnetic object generated irresistible magnetic field which attracted very important personalities as well as lesser beings during the recent Nigerian Army Day Celebration (NADCEL) 2016, held at Gusau city, the capital of Zamfara state. DICON’s military and civilian products exhibited became the centrifugal force attracting people from various social stratifications.

Brig. Gen. Philip Yusuf, a Pharmacist by Profession from Medical Corps had this to say: “I’m certainly impressed by what I have seen. The combination of resourcefulness, innovation, research and development is commendable. It is high time DICON is empowered to provide most of our military hardware. The need for collaboration between DICON, ATIC, TRADOC and the Nigerian Army Resource Centre is overdue. Commendable and note worthy efforts. Keep up with the good work.”

Corroborating the above Brig Gen Solomon David also had this to say: “I am proud to be part of this Army today where a senior Nigerian Army Officer in person of Gen Ogunkale is steering the ship of DICON in the right direction. We can be great as much as we desire, judging from the reverse engineering being embarked upon by DICON.”

The Minister of Defence, took a panoramic view of DICON’s military and civilian products, then moved towards the most recently constructed DICON Solar power generator by the Research and Development Directorate, headed by Colonel Adebanjo.

The Director of Research and Development Colonel OA Adebanjo was well on ground to explain in details the functions of the generator to the COAS.

The DG, no doubt is poised to take the corporation to greater height and I’m highly optimistic that he would receive the much needed support from the current administration of President Muhammadu Buhari. The Honorable Minister of Defence and the Perm Sec MOD have also demonstrated the passion to ensure the dreams of the founding fathers are fully realized.

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