The President DEPOWA Barrister Mrs. Vickie Anwuli Irabor accompanied by the national executives DEPOWA and the Wife of the General Officer Commander (GOC)  1 Div Mrs. Jemila Muktar Chairperson 1 Div NAOWA, , Wife of AOC NAF, Dr. Mrs. Mary Jolasimi, Wife of the Commandant NDA Mrs. Aisha Yusu, Coordinator NDAOWA, Wife of the Chief of Defence Admin (Defence HQ) Mrs. Binta Adamu and some other high ranking officers wives paid a courtesy visit to the Director General DICON Maj Gen HG Tafida on the 8 September 2021.

The delegation was received by the coordinator Mrs. Nafisa Tafida Chairperson and her members of Defence Industries Corporation of Nigeria Officers Wife Association (DICONOWA).

The President DEPOWA in her remark congratulates Maj Gen HG Tafida on his appointment as the DG DICON. She also said that this courtesy visit is special in the sense that Kaduna is home for her and her family having lived here for 18years. She said it gladdens her heart to be here in DICON in her new role as the President DEPOWA

The President DEPOWA briefed the DG DICON on the history of the association, saying it was first formed in the last 1970s when it was called Joint Armed Forces and Police Officers Wives Consultative Committee. She also said that the mandate was to ensure officers’ wives are responsible in the midst of challenges faced by their spouses in the course of duty.

She added that over the years DEPOWA has evolved in providing supports to wives and families of military and police officers to ensure a healthy and holistic military and police-community is achieved. She further said that since her assumptions of this role, she has brainstormed with her team on how best to build on the work of past presidents of DEPOWA in providing supports services that will be beneficial to the military and police officer’s wives, children, and by extension their husbands.

She also said that DEPOWA has come up with a program called UNITING OUR VOICES FIRST (UOVF). Stating that this program will help the military and police officers’ wives unite their voices to achieve their collective goals. She added that in the last decade Nigeria has gone through security challenges and insurgency in different zones of the country. Officers and men of the Armed Forces of Nigeria (AFN) have been deployed to combat these challenges to ensure peace is restored to our dear country. She said as wives of these officers, what they see and hear, experience has shown that what their husband goes through cannot be quantified. They leave these combat zone with physical injuries and suppressed emotional trauma built from experiences from the field. She also said that these experiences going unchecked has led to damning consequences in the military and police community.

She added that one of the major issues raised from the analysis from feedback from women across the country is the distinct behaviourial traits such as nightmares, anxiety, insomnia, bouts of anger, etc. which are not synonymous with their character before deployment. She said DEPOWA in consultation with medical personnel said these behavioural traits are triggered in response to trauma as such is an expression of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). More so, in line with the current DEPOWA president, program UOVF, DEPOWA intends to collaborate with the DG DICON to provide solution through the root cause analysis. She also said it is the desire of DEPOWA to have a reintegration structure for their officers and dear husbands to ensure they return in good health and total wellness.

She said that it is with this understanding that DEPOWA seeks to propose the establishment of a PTSD evaluation and rehabilitation centers. To evaluate, counsel and provide adequate supports to officers and men of the AFN and Police and by extension their wives prior to reintegration from the North East and other conflict zones. In addition, she said that DEPOWA currently has skill acquisition to empower widows of fallen heroes whose numbers have increased in recent times due to the security challenges in the country. She said that capacity building for members and humanitarian activities in society is a key area of attention by the association.

In her concluding note, she said that with all these identified target support areas, DEPOWA won’t be able to go ahead on this journey without the support and collaboration of DICON. She said she is here with some of the members of DEPOWA to solicit the full support of the DICON as a key stakeholder in bringing this idea and program to fusion.

She further thanked the DG DICON for the opportunity to be here and the time given from his very busy schedule. She also prayed that God in his infinite mercy will give the DG DICON the strength and grace to deliver.

The DG DICON thanked the President and every member of DEPOWA for this courtesy visit. He also thanked the president DEPOWA for establishing the program UOVF to support the AFN and police and he pledge his full support and collaboration.

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