A date with history …as DICON commissions a befitting Showroom

Precisely November 3rd, 2017 will remain in the memory of members of DICON family for long. The event that took place was the commissioning of a remodeled state of the art showroom for the premier defence industry. It was on the same day, DICON Board had its 100th board meeting to ratify vital pending issues that have to do with the progress of the Corporation. The new Chairman of the Board Mrs. Nuratu Batagarawa in a new environment commissioned a new outfit in a new month.
The conceptualization and subsequent birth of a befitting showroom was the brain child of the Director General, Maj Gen Bamidele Ogunkale who is by no means a man on issue of superlative degree with mental appreciation. As an astute engineer he has demonstrated beyond reasonable doubt that he has merited the Fellowship conferred on him recently by the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE). The Corporation that was once perceived as moribund has received a lot of resuscitating pills in form of quick impact projects aimed at repositioning the premier Defence Industry to a greater height courtesy of the DG’s engineering acumen.

Dicon Showroom

Dicon Showroom

According to him, it is a global practice for manufacturing agencies and institutions to showcase their products and services. For most of these outfits, the showroom serves as potent mouth piece to the external public at the domestic level and the world at large.
Premised on the above view, the DG noted that DICON in the past did not have a befitting showroom for her products and hence could not attract quality market for her goods and services.

To further buttress his point, he added that the remodelled showroom would henceforth enable the Corporation to showcase its products and services to potential partners without necessarily taking them to the Ordnance Factory, situated at Kakuri, some kilometres away from DICON Headquarters.

In a competitive and every dynamic world, no nation with an asset as DICON would allow such to remain in nonproductive state. Achieving the desired result from such an asset, in this case DICON requires not only partnership with local Defence Related Industries (DRIs) but identification and collaboration with reputable foreign ones. Of note, however, is that the degree of collaboration with these DRIs is largely dependent on their perception threshold of DICON. How would they rate us in terms of corporate image? Will our corporate image index among other DRIs be high or low? The DG DICON, drawing from his wealth of experience, especially during official foreign tours identified that a well fashioned showroom speaks volume when it comes to corporate image promotion.

So, the establishment of a befitting showroom is about promoting the corporate image of DICON which is being boosted day by day drawing inference from other quick impact projects earlier commissioned in January, 2017 by the Chief of Defence Staff, Gen Abayomi Olanisakin.
So, the commissioning of a befitting showroom is all about the corporate image of the premier industry which is being boosted day by day drawing inference from other quick impact projects earlier commissioned Jan 2017 by the Chief of Defence Staff Gen Abayomi Olonisakin.
The interior decoration of the showroom is superb. The showcases where DICON’s military and civilian products are displayed are world class. The DG who is versatile in all aspects of engineering work was always there during the construction work to supervise and did not ignore the minutest error; he squeezed out time out of his tight schedule to supervise the work. Today we have a world class showroom in DICON. With the addition of DICON showroom to the Corporation’s facilities as contained in the Corporation’s website (also recently relaunched in a robust way) more enquiries from potential partners and accolades from external public are expected on the website. Once again, the showroom recently commissioned is all about our corporate image, and DICON Family is delighted about it.

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