Naval Chief hails DICON on small arms production


THE Chief of Naval Staff, Vice Admiral Ibok-Ete Ekwe Ibas, has hailed the Director-General, Defence Industries Corporation of Nigeria (DICON), Maj-Gen. Bamidele Ogunkale and his management team.

He lauded them for stirring the ship of the corporation to make Nigeria self-sufficient in the production of arms and ammunitions.

He said he was delighted with the progress report emanating from the industry.

The naval boss spoke when the DG DICON visited him at the Navy Headquarters in Abuja.

Ibas noted that the effort of DICON in building a Primer Cap factory, a major component needed for complete production of ammunition at Kachia, was a laudable project worthy of commendation.

He added that when the project is completed and production starts, it will boost the military operations across the country.

“The current dwindling or scarce resources from the Federal Government, coupled with the overt or covert animosity from other nations within the global community, makes it more imperative for us to look inward for urgent solution to our ordnance needs,” he said.

The CNS, who thanked the DICON boss for a detailed brief about the activities of the only Defence Industry in West African sub-region, said he had been well-informed.

He added that the ammunitions produced when the Primer Cap Factory must have been completed, will serve the interest of the Armed Forces and even other security agencies. He promised that the Nigerian Navy would collaborate with the corporation as one of the major stakeholders

DICON boss Maj Gen Ogunkale said he took the bull by the horn when he assumed office to vigorously pursue the project of the Primer Cap Factory with the aim of making the nation self-sufficient in terms of production of various calibers of ammunitions.

He added that when he was saddled with the onerous task of piloting the affairs of DICON, the factories’ state of readiness was about 30 per cent.

But now, he was delighted to note that the factories were at 90 per cent ready owing to some new installations put in place, which include new transformers and replacement of some key machines.

He stated with sense of fulfillment that DICON was doing well in reverse engineering, stressing that the weapons back-loaded from the theatre of operations across the country, mainly from the Nigerian Army holding, have been repaired in the corporation’s Ordnance factory.

He added that the industry was ready to collaborate with the Navy in some areas, especially the fabrication of new parts through reverse engineering.


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